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AGM 2008 (November 7, 2008)
Notice of AUUG's AGM 2008 including Agenda.
Introducing the AUUG Board (November 6, 2008)
Lawrie Brown, President of AUUG, announces the new Board and outlines future plans.
AUUG Preservation Society (October 28, 2008)
Once again, moves are afoot to wind AUUG up.  In addition, a society is being formed to preserve AUUG's rich history.
Updated Constitution (October 28, 2008)
Changes to the AUUG Constitution were approved at the 2005 AGM, and have now been incorporated into the official constitution as recorded on this web.
Call for nominations to the AUUG Board (April 25, 2008)
Jon Wright Calls for Nominations for the next AUUG Board, urges members to become involved in AUUG's future, and discusses some ideas being considered by the Board. Deadline for nominations is 15th of May, 2008.
Results of the Dissolution Ballot
Members recently voted on a motion to dissolve AUUG.  This motion was defeated.
The minutes of AUUG's 2007 AGM
The minutes of AUUG's 2007 Annual General Meeting.
The AUUG President's Newsletter
The latest issue of the monthly mailing from the AUUG President on what's happening at AUUG and how you can get involved in the Open Systems community.
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
A review of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet by David Newall
Second review of Nokia 770
David Newall follows up his earlier review of the Nokia 770
The AUUG Portal - more than a web site!
This article outlines some of the features to look forward to as the new AUUG website takes shape.
Is AUUG still as relevant today?
In this age of Open Source is AUUG still as relevant?  In this article AUUG President David Purdue gives his perspective and argues why it is even more relevant as open source and open standards have become mainstream.
The Game is Afoot
Thoughts about software development by Eric Sink.  It presents some perspectives that will be interesting if you are in the business of producing software.
Open Source Marketing
An article on how to market Open Source Software, based on an interview with MySQL's VP of Marketing Zack Urlocker