AUUG 2002 - Instructions for authors of accepted papers

Due date for final papers

Most importantly, the due date for submission of your final paper is Saturday, 7 July.

Some of you have already submitted the full text of your papers, but I encourage those people to read the rest of this note anyway as it contains important details about your presentation at the conference.

As the paper will be combined with a number of others in the Conference Proceedings, to be printed prior to the conference, it is necessary to ensure that they all conform to the following standards:

All papers should be at least 4 A4 pages in length (although in past they have averaged around 7-8 pages). Any papers that are over 20 pages may be returned with a request for editing.

We would prefer all papers to be submitted in a machine readable format, with the preferred formats being:

We may be able to accept print-ready formats such as PDF or Postscript, although easily editable formats are preferable.

If you wish to submit other more esoteric formats, please contact me ASAP, and discuss it with me.

Diagrams for papers should either be processed automatically with the paper or consist of standard formats to be included at the end of the paper.

If you must submit anything that is non-machine readable, again, contact me first.


For the presentations, each theatre will have a data projector, a network connection (with Internet capability) and a dual-boot computer (Unix/Microsoft Windows). Audio output may be possible, please contact me if you wish to make use of it.

The two possibilities for your presentation are that you supply your own laptop, or that you supply your presentation in one of the following formats:

  • HTML,
  • PDF,
  • StarOffice,
  • Powerpoint
  • If you require any other format for your presentation, please contact me ASAP. An OHP will also be available, again, contact me if you wish to use it.

    If you are supplying your own laptop computer, then it is necessary that you contact your session chair and the AV staff at the start of the break prior to your session to ensure that your computer can be connected to the data projector. Testing it even earlier would be appreciated.

    There will be a speaker's preparation room at the conference venue, where many of these details can be worked out prior to your presentation.


    As a speaker, you are entitled to free conference registration, which includes: the networking reception, the conference dinner, and also a speakers reception on Tuesday 3rd. However, you are still required to complete a registration form and are still required to pay for any additional tickets you may require (e.g. additional dinner tickets, etc). When completing the registration form, please mark 'SPEAKER' in the payment column.

    Note: You are still required to pay for any tutorials you wish to attend.


    In terms of copyright, etc, for the paper you are presenting, please ensure that you are entitled to grant AUUG permission to print your paper. Prior to the conference we may arrange for you to sign a document to this effect, but even without that, your submission of the final paper is assumed to give us such a right.

    AUUG will have a copyright over the collected edition of the Conference Proceedings, however, you will retain copyright over the original paper. If you are in any doubt about these rights, please contact us.


    Finally, the timetable for the conference has now been completed, and within the next few days it will be published on the AUUG Web site. Would you please check the site and note the time and session you are in. Your session chair should confirm the details with you prior to the conference, however, it is still your responsibility to ensure you are available at the scheduled time. AUUG does reserve the right to vary the timetable as required, but any changes to this published timetable will be discussed with those affected.

    If you have any questions about when your session is, or difficulties with when it is scheduled, please contact me.


    Finally, I'd again like to thank you for participating in AUUG2002, and together we will make it an excellent event. If you do have any questions about any of the items above, or anything I have left out, please contact me ASAP. Above all, this should be an enjoyable event, so come and have fun.

    Adrian Close
    Programme Chair