BOFs - or Birds Of a Feather sessions - are a chance to meet with fellow technical experts or enthusiasts to discuss a particular issue. They are held during the tea breaks and lunch breaks of the conferece.

If you have an idea for a BOF (and will be at the conference to help run it) please send an email to and we will add it to the programme.

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BOF Programme

Wednesday, 1 September 2004

1030 - 1100
AUUG Chapter BOF
Chair: Steve Landers - AUUG Vice President
AUUG Local Chapters were created to arrange small events to keep state based UNIX communities talking to each other. The typical small event is a monthly meeting. This BOF is for chapter committees and those interested in chapter activities to exchange ideas. Concerned that there may not even be a chapter in your area? Come along and we will help you start one.
1330 - 1430
Debian Linux BOF
Chair: Bdale Garbee
Bdale is the Linux CTO for HP and a former leader of the Debian Linux Project. He will lead a discussion on the ins and outs of Debian.
1550 - 1615
*NIX in the Enterprise - Messaging and Groupware
Chair: Gordon Hubbard, Custom Technology Australia Pty Ltd
Come to this session to discuss implementing rich functionality messaging and groupware on open platforms such as Linux and UNIX. Talk about how the alternatives compare with current market leaders on closed platforms such as Windows.

Thursday, 2 September 2004

1030 - 1100
MySQL Community Session
Chair: Arjen Lentz, MySQL AB
Session for users/developers, to discuss with eachother and a community representative from MySQL AB what is going well with the MySQL community, what things can and should be improved/changed, and what MySQL AB can do to better facilitate developers and the overall user community.
1330 - 1430
Identity Assurance BOF
Chair: Ben Elliston
The aim of this BOF is to give conference attendees a chance to tie their identity to their online identification. There will be a chance to do CAcert identity assurance, as well as expand your web of trust by having your PGP/GnuPG key signed.

Make sure you are subscribed to auug-announce to receive instructions for how to make best use of this BOF. And make sure you bring your passport and drivers licence, so we know who you are.
Red Hat Linux BOF
Chair: Richard Keech
Candidate areas for discussion would be:
  1. installation and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linix
  2. platform management with Red Hat Network
  3. Red Hat security
1550 - 1615

Friday, 3 September 2004

1030 - 1100
Using OS X In The Real World
Sponsored by Apple Computer
Chair: Daniel Figucio
1330 - 1430
SPAM and Virus BOF
Sponsored by Sophos
Chair: tba
Come to this BOF to discuss ways of protecting your network from Viruses and SPAM.
1550 - 1615
AUUG Small Events BOF
Chair: David Purdue - AUUG President
Away from the annual conference, AUUG organises a number of smaller events such as one-day symposia, tutorials and road shows. Come to this BOF to hear what we have planned, to brainstorm ideas for new and better events, and maybe even to volunteer to get involved.

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