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Duties of Board Members

The AUUG Board is a group of nine (sometimes ten) elected AUUG members who determine the direction of the organization.

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Duties of members of the AUUG Board of Directors

The AUUG Board is a group of nine (sometimes ten) elected members who determine the direction of the organization. They are aided by the AUUG Executive Director, a paid position.  The Executive Director is not a member of the board, but is present at all board meetings.

Many of the duties of the board members are defined in the constitution.  This document explains in more detail what a board member can expect, and is subject to continual change.  Where any discrepancy exists, the constitution overrides this document.

Members of the Board

The Board of Directors consists of four, or sometimes five, officers and five ordinary members.  The officers are:

General duties

All board members should attend all-day board meetings four times a year (usually a Saturday in February, May, August and November, though this is a matter to be decided on by the board for each individual meeting) and a fifth half-day meeting just before the annual conference.  With the exception of the last full meeting and the half-day meeting before the conference, which are in the same city as the conference, the other meetings will be wherever is cheapest, and that depends on the composition of the board.  Where necessary, AUUG pays the flight and accommodation to such meetings.  Board members are expected to attend the annual conference, so we don't normally pay for attending that meeting, though in cases of hardship we'll usually find a way.

During the board meetings, ordinary board members are allocated tasks to perform.  These could be big things (run next year's security symposium) or smaller ones (review privacy policy).  On average, an ordinary board member can expect that the smaller activities will keep him active for between 2 and 8 hours per quarter, though that depends on their capacity for pain.  It's up to individual board members to commit to any task; the board doesn't force people to do anything.

Other officers

In addition to the board of directors, AUUG has three more officers: