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The inaugural Digital Pest Symposium (DPS1) will be held in Melbourne on 8 February 2005.

The Digital Pest Symposium is a one-day event, focussing on the twin global scourges of "spam" email and malicious software (including, but not limited to, viruses, worms, trojans and spyware). Just about anyone who uses a computer these days (and that's most of us) has to deal with these in some way, so all are welcome and encouraged to attend, and indeed participate.

This year's event will be held at:

Australian Industry Group
Ground Floor
20 Queens Road
Melbourne Vic 3004



The event is made up of 45 minute talks, comprising mostly speaking time and an allowance for questions. We encourage both technical and non- technical presentations, on topics including:


Registration costs are as follows:

Register online now


Register by printing the Registration Form, filling it in and returning it to AUUG.

Please contact AUUG if you have any queries.


Time Duration
Topic Who
0930-1000 30 Registration + coffee/tea
1000-1045 45 Combatting Digital Pests Joel Sing, Ionix
1045-1130 45 'bumpety' - detecting infected network hosts Peter Linich, University of New South Wales
1130-1145 15 Morning tea
1145-1230 45 Real world experiences with challenge-response email filtering Enno Davids, Metva
1230-1330 60 Lunch
1330-1415 45 A Review of Yahoo's Domain Keys Technology David Purdue, Sun Microsystems
1415-1500 45 An Integrated Approach to Email Scanning (or Wait A Minute Mr Postman) Steven Lynch, Network Box
1500-1515 15 Afternoon tea
1515-1600 45 TBA Panel Session
This programme is subject to change without notice.

Call For Participation

If you would like to speak at this event, there's still time. Please read the Call For Participation (PDF).

All speakers receive free registration