Call for Papers/Presentations and Tutorials

The AUUG Security Symposium provides a forum for discussion of security technologies, techniques and management.

Our society today is highly dependant on our almost pervasively interconnected systems. Hence we are also dependant upon the security of these systems. As governments and private industry become increasingly aware of the vulnerability of our systems there is a growing requirement for security education and for practioners to share their knowledge for the greater good.

This symposium aims to fill a gap in the Australian conference scene between the high cost commercial conferences (where attendees hear mainly marketing pitches) and the academic-based research conferences. It is unashamedly for the practioner in the field who wants to share or learn more about how to secure their systems (be it PC operating systems, a huge network or a client server application).

The AUUG security symposium will be a one day event with paper presentations and tutorials. The symposium is to be held on Friday, 20 February 2004, at the Novotel, Canberra.

Call for presentations/papers and tutorials:

Authors are invited to submit abstracts associated with information security presenting any of the following:

This includes submissions on any topic relating to technical security issues of UNIX, Linux/FreeNIX, open source, development, networking, and open systems in the widest sense.

Speaker Incentives:

Paper presenters are afforded free conference registration. Potential tutorial presenters should contact the conference committee regards options for remuneration.

Form of Submissions:

Please submit an abstract together with an outline. The outline should contain enough detail to allow the program committee to make a reasoned decision about the final presentation. An abstract should include:

  1. Author names(s), postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax and e-mail addresses.
  2. A biographical sketch not to exceed 100 words.
  3. Abstract: 100 words.
  4. Audio-visual requirements: Please indicate your requirements for overhead projector or video/computer equipment.


Authors whose submissions are accepted are asked to provide a presentation in some machine readable format which can be converted to HTML or PDF. A formal paper is not required, but is welcomed. Copies of presentations will be made available on the WWW after the conference.

Relevant Dates:

Abstract and outlines due: 10 January 2004
Acceptance: 31 January 2004


Please submit hard copy or electronic copy (preferred) of abstracts and outlines to: Ben Elliston

Organising Committee:

Ben Elliston - Wasabi Systems
Martin Schwenke - IBM
Stephen Rothwell - IBM
Liz Carroll - AUUG

For enquiries on conference registration, accommodation arrangements, promotion, venue and other matters not relating to the submission of papers, contact the AUUG Business Manager or phone 02 8824 9511 or 1800 625 655 or Fax 02 8824 9522.

Up to date information will be available at