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From the AUUG President

I'd like to extend a hearty invitation to our annual conference, ``AUUG 2002: Measure, Monitor, Control''.  The annual AUUG Conference is an invaluable opportunity to get away from your daily routine and regain perspective of the UNIX and Internet community.

This year we have been fortunate to be able to put together a particularly interesting array of presentations.  As in previous years, we have attempted to supply something for everybody.  We had a particularly strong response to our call for papers, and I think you will agree that the only problem with the programme is that we have two concurrent sessions, and that at some point you're bound to have to make a choice between two papers both being presented at the same time.  Please join me in thanking Adrian Close, the Programme Chair, who worked tirelessly to arrange the programme.

The papers aren't everything, of course.  AUUG has always prided itself on having a conference where people can get together and talk. The networking reception on Wednesday and the conference dinner on Thursday are an important part of the conference, and we have taken pains to ensure the highest of standards for these events.

I would also like to thank all our sponsors, whose contribution enables us to stage this event.  I think we are in for an excellent conference, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Greg Lehey

President, AUUG Inc

From the Programme Chair

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my Programme Committee for their invaluable and tireless assistance in putting together the content for this year's conference. We received a great many good quality submissions and with room for only a limited number of presentations the choice was not easy (my thanks to all those who submitted proposals).

Our speakers are drawn from a wide spectrum, from local technology enthusiasts through to internationally recognised specialists (some of these are home-grown, too). I am confident that, between the conference and tutorial programmes, you will find many items of interest, not just on the hard-core technical side, but also for those with a thing for Unix and open systems in general.

In fact, one of the great aspects of the conference is the chance to talk with people with a serious interest in Unix and open source solutions. To that end, I look forward to greeting you personally at the conference in September.

Adrian Close

Programme Chair, AUUG2002

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