Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux
AUUG2K Conference
28-30 June 2000
Australian National University
Canberra ACT Australia

AUUG2K - "Enterprise Security/Enterprise Linux"

The conference is fast approaching, do you have your registration in yet?  Any thing sent in now will be charged a late fee (sorry, but those are the rules).  Anyway, that aside the conference is on schedule, registrations are rolling in and everyone is looking forward to it.

While the theme of the conference is "Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux", it is also a chance to show off Australian expertise.  We have three presenters from overseas, one of whom is really an Australian, and the rest are locals most of whom you will recognise from a large number of Open Source projects, not just limited to Linux.

The three days of the conference each have a theme being "Enterprise Security", "Enterprise Linux" and "Open Systems".  Each day consists of a Keynote, and a plenary session, followed by two sessions of two streams, and finishing with a Footnote session.  There are two panel sessions, one on security and the second consisting of representatives from the major Linux corporations (Red Hat, TurboLinux, SuSE and Linuxcare), discussing the future of Linux.

The keynotes are not the main attraction, in fact the wide range of experts in all fields of Open System are presenting details of their current activities.  We have presentations by Paul "Rusty" Russell, Andrew Tridgell, Darren Reed, Greg Rose, Paul Mackerras, Ken McDonell and Greg Lehey to name a few.

Also, continuing the aim of showing off Australian activities, we have a session hosted by ISOC-AU and a presentation by the President of Electronic Frontiers Australia, Kimberley Heitman.

Of course the conference is not the only drawcard, the conference also boast one of the best tutorial programs available within Australia, with a series of tutorials that will suit programmers (Writing Security Software, The Java Jini Distributed Programming Environment, Debugging Programs with GDB), developers (AutoConf, Version Control using CVS), security experts (Securing Linux for the Enterprise, Firewall Design and Management, Cryptographic Algorithms Reveled, Practical IPSec), integrators (Implementing SAMBA, FreeBSD Installation and Configuration, Advanced IP Packet Mangling in Linux 2.4, Linux Installation, Vinum Volume Manager Administration).  And then you can always split them up differently (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD, Cryptography, Network, ...).

Unfortunately in this world of rapid change and constant demands, we have had a few tutorials cancelled.  These are:
M7 - Getting Started with Aegis by Peter Miller,
M11 - Cluster Computing Technologies and Applications by Rajkumar Buyya,
T14 - DNS and BIND by Chris Vance.

We are sorry if you were interested in one of them.

So, with such a tremendous program for both the tutorials and conference I'm sure you'll be there.  If you need more information see the AUUG Web Site, in particular the AUUG2K page:

Liz Carroll
AUUG Business Manager
Frank Crawford
AUUG2K Program Chair

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