Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux
AUUG2K Conference & Tutorials
Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux
Australian National University, Canberra
25-30 June 2000

Welcome Message From the AUUG President

I am pleased to invite you to AUUG2K: "Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux."

As usual, the AUUG Winter Conference is the major AUUG event of the year, as well as being the pre-eminent UNIX, Open Systems, Open Source event held in Australia.

We have chosen to look at two very important themes for this conference.  With more and more businesses and consumers attached to the Internet, thre is a greater demand for businesses to open up their computer systems for access from the outside world.  There are tremendous challenges to doing this without putting their internal systems at risk.

Meanwhile we see Linux gaining more and more popularity, sweeping all before it and changing the economic model of many computer companies.  Whether it is used in your organisation or not, Linux knowledge is certainly a necessary part of the IT professional's repertoire.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, and I look forward to meeting you at AUUG2K.

David Purdue

Welcome Message From the Programme Chair

Dear Delegate,

In the last month or so the Computing Industry has seen the trheat of the break up of Microsoft, major Denial-of-Service attacks against many of the biggest eCommerce sites, and a worldwide scare over the LoveLetter virus.  Needless to say we are in "interesting times."

All of these will affect you in some way, and today, more than ever, one of the key components to solving them involves Open Source.  To this end, the AUUG2K Conference and Tutorial Programme is a must, as it includes details that will help you cover any and all of these.

The programme stretches from Linux, to Open Systems and onto Security.  In every one of these topics it covers a wide range, including presentations by senior people in SuSE, TurboLinux, RedHat and LinuxCare and; major developers of core technologies such as Samba and PPP; and on to those with wide experience in the security and/or eCommerce industry.  Look through the programme and you will see names that are regularly mentioned in any technical article you read.

As well, this year's tutorial programme is 3 days, and includes something for programmers, integrators, developers and those who just need to know how the technology works.

Finally, you will see we have a major contribution from ISOC-AU, and this year we have the Chairman of Electronic Frontiers Australia discussing issues of relevance.

So look through the programme, select the items that are important to you and I'll see you at the conference.

Frank Crawford
AUUG2K Programme Chair

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