Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux
AUUG2K Conference & Tutorials
Enterprise Security, Enterprise Linux
Australian National University, Canberra
25-30 June 2000

Keynote And Invited Speakers

Dirk Hohndel

Dirk Hohndel is CTO of SuSE Linux AG.  Dirk has worked for SuSE in various positions, both as an employee and as an independent consultant continuously since 1994.

He also serves as Vice President of The XFree86 Project, Inc., a non-profit corporation that provides an Open Source implementation of the X Window System on PC Unix systems like Linux.

Prior to his current position at SuSE, Dirk was Unix Architect at Deutsche Bank AG, one of the leading global financial institutions.  Before joining Deutsche Bank, Dirk was Senior Software Engineer for AIB Software Corporation (which was then acquired by PLATINUM technology).

Dirk Hohndel holds a Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Würzburg, Germany.  He is married and lives near Frankfurt, Germany.

Mark White

Mark White, Vice-President Red Hat Asia-Pacific, is the former Vice-President of AUUG Inc and a long time member of the AUUG Queensland Chapter.  He is leading Red Hat's expansion into the Chinese, Asian and South Pacific markets.  Prior to joining Red Hat in December 1999 Mark was UNIX Marketing Director for Compaq Asia-Pacific in Singapore, and has substantial management, technical and marketing experience in the IT & Telecoms industries.

John H. Terpstra

John H. Terpstra is the Vice President of Community Relations for TurboLinux and is responsible for the global communication and interaction with the Open Source community and Linux user groups.  John is tasked with protecting the Open Source nature of the TurboLinux distribution and ensuring that all TurboLinux patches are contributed back to the community.  John serves on the Linux Standards Base, the Linux Professional Institute and is on the Board of Directors of Linux International for TurboLinux.  John is also a member of the steering committee for the Linux Internationalization Initiative (LI18NUX).  Of course, John is most recognised as a founding member of the Samba Team.  In addition to John's distinguished background, he has built a reputation as a dynamic trainer and an articulate presenter.

Darren Reed

Darren Reed is the primary author of IPFilter, a widely used packet filtering package for Open System and a frequent contributor to a number of security discussion groups and mailing lists.

Paul Russell

Linux Kernel IP Firewall Maintainer.

Paul Russell, sometimes known as `Rusty', has been working with Linux-based Internet firewalls and security since 1993.  He began making modifications to the Linux kernel firewall module (ip_fw) throughout 1997, culminating with him becoming the Linux Kernel IP Firewall Maintainer in 1998.  WatchGuard, Inc, hired him to develop an enhanced firewalling infrastructure for future versions of Linux, beginning in the 2.3 kernel series.  He has been a regular columnist for Linux Magazine, and has delivered tutorials and papers at Linux Kongress 1998 and 1999, LinuxWorld March 1999 and August 1999, Conference of Australian Linux Users 1999 (which he helped to organise).  He is the author of the Linux Kernel Locking HOWTO, and the Linux Kernel Hacking HOWTO, and various different Linux firewalling guides.  He currently works for Linuxcare (Canberra).

David L. Sifry

David Sifry, Linuxcare co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, is a recognised expert on Open Source development and the Linux operating system.  Himself an Open Source developer, Sifry has contributed code to such projects as GNU Emacs, Majordomo, packetrace, jitterbug, and to the Linux kernel itself.  In addition, he managed the development of SecureVPS, an Open Source virtual private networking server for Linux.  His activities in the Linux community include service as vice-president of the Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG).

Andrew Tridgell

Andrew Tridgell is probably best known as the author of Samba, Andrew also works on a number of other pieces of free software including rsync, JitterBug, KnightCap and the ports of Linux to the Fujitsu AP series of parallel computers.

Holding an unusual place in the open source world, Samba lives on the boundary between the traditional Microsoft dominated computing world and the emerging open source community.  It is not uncommon for Samba to be the first open source application to be used by a company, thus opening the way to the open source revolution.

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