Press Release: Keynote Speakers

AUUG97 Conference
September 3-5, 1997
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre,

Issued 21 March 1997

AUUG 97 comes to Brisbane

For the first time in its history, AUUG, the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group, will hold its annual conference and exhibition in Brisbane.

AUUG 97 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 3 - 5 September, 1997. The event will include a three day conference program, preceded by two days of technical tutorial presentations (1 & 2 September) and the largest UNIX exhibition in the Asia Pacific region.

With the theme "Technical Solutions" AUUG 97 promises a return to the core values of the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group -- namely the implementation, use and management of Open Systems technologies in modern, heterogenous computing environments.

The Conference

Keynote speakers include luminaries from the past, present and future of UNIX development, such as Paul Mockapetris, Eric Allman, Kirk McKusick and Phil Karn. The conference program will consist of both management and technical streams, ensuring content and coverage of relevance to all aspects of the IT community.


Paul Mockapetris

Paul Mockapetris, Ph.D. joined as Chief Technology Officer in 1996 after serving as the Director of Engineering at @Home, a company with the mission to bring high performance Internet capability to millions of users via cable television.

Dr Mockapetris is a member of the US Federal Networking Council Advisory Council and the Defence Messaging Systems Advisory Council. He has served as chairman of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), chairman of the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), and a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). Dr Mockapetris was also director of the High Performance Computing and Communications Division at USC/ISI, and the program manager for networking in the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Computing Systems Technology Office.

Phil Karn

Phil Karn is a TCP/IP expert and author of the KA9Q packet-radio IP implementation. He is an active member of the IP security working group and the author of the Photuris key management protocol. Phil describes himself as: . . . a computer networking engineer deeply concerned about computer network security, personal privacy and free speech

Duane Wessels

Duane Wessels is a software engineer for the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research in Boulder, Colorado. He has worked on web caching technology since its inception on the Harvest project. More recently he has worked on Squid, the immensely popular web cache and accelerator code he maintains. Squid is responsible for achieving 40% or better web lookup savings on use of international links, and is one of the most fundamental packages an ISP or organisation needs to run in order to contain web-based usage of the Internet. He also researches network visualisation and works on the vBNS very high speed backbone network project.

Patrick Falstrom

Patrick Falstrom works for Tele2, one of the largest providers of Internet and telecommunications services in Europe. His role with Tele2 encompasses the technical direction and development for the company s Internet services. Mr Falstrom is chair of one of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) working groups, and is the author of many standards documents covering electronic messaging, directory services, and resource discovery. At AUUG 97 Mr Falstrom will speak on the design and implementation of directory services, as well as the implementation of a 155 Mbps trans-Atlantic Internet.

Eric Allman

Mr Allman is primarily known for authoring the UNIX sendmail program (the Internet s work horse for moving and delivering electronic mail). Mr Allman has worked intermittently with sendmail since 1980. Sendmail s most recent incarnation is included in the 4.4BSD UNIX distribution. Mr Allman has held various positions including system administrator at the University of California at Berkeley and technical consultant in private industry. Currently Mr Allman works as a private consultant and teacher. He is a director of the Usenix Association.

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Dr McKusick writes books and articles, consults, and teaches classes on UNIX -- and BSD-related subjects. While at the University of California at Berkeley, he implemented the 4.2BSD fast file system and was the Research Computer Scientist at the Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group (CRSG), overseeing the development and release of 4.3BSD and 4.4BSD. His particular areas of interest are the virtual-memory system and the file system. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and did his graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received masters degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration and a doctoral degree in Computer Science. He is a past president of the Usenix Association, a member of the editorial board of UNIX Review Magazine and is a member of ACM and IEEE.

The Exhibition

AUUG 97 will showcase a comprehensive range of UNIX, internetworking and management information, research, products and techniques. Organisers expect the exhibition to comprise approximately 60 exhibitors including companies such as KE Software, Interger Technologies, Pyramid Technologies, SAS Institute, Silicon Graphics, Techtronics, XSI Technology and Sun Microsystems. Some 400 delegates from throughout Australia are expected to attend the conference and the exhibition, plus additional visitors to the exhibition only.

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