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Australia’s Stand on Spam

by Jeremy Malcolm


As we are all too painfully aware, the volume of spam in circulation has now soared to ridiculous levels.  Record spam volumes are being recorded every month, with the most recent MessageLabs estimate putting the figure at 76% of incoming email.  Over the past two years spam levels have increased by almost four times, and analysts are expecting spam volumes to peak at 90% of all email.  Email is fast becoming unusable as a communications medium.  Make no mistake, this is a war.

In this war, there are two fronts: a legal front and a technical front.  This paper is primarily about the legal fight against spam, and specifically in Australia.  However I will begin by saying a few words about the technical front in the war against spam, to offer some background for what follows, and because the two approaches do, as we will see, work hand in hand.

Jeremy Malcolm

Download the paper: Australia’s Stand on Spam (158K PDF)