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How to Eat an Elephant

by Arjen Lentz


This paper explores a few thoughts and observations that I see as relevant for the marketing of open source in the real world.  While many people will know that I work for MySQL AB as a technical writer and trainer, this presentation is not about MySQL.  My background includes software development and running my own company, as well as an interest in psychology: I like to observe people and their behaviour, both as individuals and in groups.

Naturally, an observation is subjective, and my thoughts simply reflect my opinion at this time.  I have been known to change my mind!  I welcome your feedback and encourage additional discussion, that is in fact the purpose.

What you are reading now is not the talk.  You will find some of the dry stuff: additional information, background, and references.  I also aim to publish and maintain all gathered information and insight on-line.

The talk itself features a wild cast of geeks, customers and our very special guest star, the relevant elephant!  If you are a business person, please bring along a developer (aka geek).

Arjen Lentz

Download the paper: How to Eat an Elephant (173K PDF)