1-Day Seminar

Sydney, Wednesday 5 May 2004
Vibe North Sydney

Melbourne, Wednesday 12 May 2004
Duxton Hotel Melbourne

Canberra, Tuesday 25 May 2004
Briefing Room, IBM Australia, 8 Brisbane Ave, Barton

AUUG Members$500
Assoc Members$575
Full Time Students$100

  • Reservations Required in Advance
  • Spaces Limited

Instructor: John H. Terpstra

Samba-3 By Example front cover
Seminar attendees will receive a copy of John H. Terpstra's newly released Samba-3 By Example.  Exercises, materials and methods presented In this seminar are taken from this new release.

Seminar Features & Benefits

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  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Latest Window 200X support
  • Security for schannel & sign-n-seal
  • Eliminate MS licensing
  • Increased performance
  • Configure Samba as a native Active Directory domain member (server)
  • Freedom from single supplier lock-in